Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Testing FAQS Part II

Testing FAQS Part I

QA methodologies
QA test manegment
Which of the following testing strategies ignores the internal structure of the software?
Which of the following is not correct regarding the purpose of testing:
Which of the following is used to determine whether all reported bugs have indeed been fixed, and no new ones introduced:
What is unit testing?
Which statement regarding Validation is correct?
Why does testing not prove a program is 100 percent correct (except for extremely simple programs)?
What is an advantage of white box testing over black box testing:
What is an advantage of black box testing over white box testing:
6. Copyright, Ownership & What you can do with the plan
5. Why I published the test plan
4. What happened to the links page?
3. Standards for Software Test Plans
2. What a test plan should contain
1. Why you cannot download a Word version of this test plan.
metrics used in testing
Defect Handling What is Defect?
Are there any issues to be considered?
What are the characteristics of good test case?
Can this test cases reusable?
What are the items of test case?
What is a test case?
testing life cycle
White-Box Testing Techniques
blak box testing techniqe
what is traceability matrix
what is the differans between business requirment and system requiement
questions set
Bug Life Cycle

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