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Data structures & Algorithms concepts and implementation

Q: Write a program base on user inputs wich perfor...
Data Structures Using C
What is a data structure?
Very Large Files - External Sorting
Trees Comparison
Skip Lists
Red-Black Trees
Binary Search Trees
Dictionaries & Hash Tables
Sorting Algorithms Comparison
Shell Sort
Insertion Sort
Timing Estimates
Linked Lists
Binary Search
Sequential Search
Searching and sorting
Binary Trees
Conversion Of Expressions Prefix/Postfix/Infix Not...
Linked List
Self Referential Data Structure
The Queue Abstract Data Type
Binary Trees
Data Structures Questions
Data Structures FAQ's
Program to sort list of elements using quick sort....
Program to sort list of elements using heap sort.
Program to show operations in binary tree.
Program to show breadth first search in graph.
Program to show depth first search in graph.
Program to compute shortest path using dijkstras ...
Program to compute mimimum spanning tree using pr...
Basic Data Structure Interview Questions And Answe...
Data Structure aptitude questions.
Source code for converting an Interger into String...
Source code for reversing a string.( charecter by ...
Source code for converting a string to an integer ...
Reversing words from a string( containin more than...
Source code for reversing a singly linked list.
Source code for Finding a Cycle in a singly linked...
Telephone Words
Combinations of a String using recursion.
Permutations of a String using recursion.
Binary Search using recursion.
What is Recursion ? Explain in detail.
Searching M th Element from the end of Linked List...
Fabonnacci Heap Cascade-Cut
Fabonacci heap Cut
Fibonacci Heap Consolidate
Heap Binomial-Link
Heap Extract-Maximum
Heap Insert
Compute-Prefix (P)
Brute-Force-String Matching
Binary Tree Search
Postorder Tree traversal
Inorder Traversal
Pre Order Traversal
Bucket Sort
Radix sort
Quick Sort
Circular Queues- Deletion of item from circular qu...
Circular Queues- Insertion of item into circular q...
Queues - Deletion of item from queue
Queues - Inserting item into queue
Queues- Is Full - check if queue is full
Queues - Is Exmpty Queue function
Queues - Create Queue function
Floyd-Warshal algorithm for all pairs of shortest ...
Function Bellman-Ford algorithm for shortes path
Dijkstra algorithm for shortest path
Prims Algorithm for minimum spanning tree.
Kruskal Algorithm for Minimum Spanning tree
DFS- Depth First Search
BFS- Breadth First Search
Sequential Search
Towers of Hanoi problem
Fibonacci Series
Bubble sort
Merge Sort
Selection Sort
Insertion Sort
Binary Search in Circular Sorted Array. How can we...
What are the advantages of linked lists?
Write an Optimized Binary Search algorithm.
Write an Optimized Binary Search algorithm.
What is a spanning Tree?
25. What are the types of Collision Resolution Tec...
Sort the given values using Quick Sort? 65 70 75...
8. Convert the expression ((A + B) * C – (D – E) ...
Traverese tree in PostOrder
Check if a binary tree is a binary search tree
Technique for Swapping Two Integers Without Using ...
write an O(log2(N)) algorithm to find X^N
Classis Factorial problem & Solution..
Append Element at the end of the Linked List...
Insert element at head position into Linked List.....
Removing Duplecate nodes from a linked list..
How to build an expression trees ?
Explain Sparse Matrix...
What is a priority queue?
What is garbage collection?
Explain Hashing..
Explain AVL Trees.
Explain Radix Sort.
Explain Comparison Trees...
Explain Polish Notation.
Classify the Hashing Functions based on the variou...
What is the data structures used to perform recurs...
Minimum number of queues needed to implement the p...
If you are using C language to implement the heter...
What is a spanning Tree?
Given a binary search tree and a "target" value, s...
Given a binary search tree and a "target" value, s...
Generate a Mirror Image of a tree. Change a tree s...
finding Nth Node in linked list..
Source code for Binary search method
Deletion of linked list
Inserting element into linked list
Reversing a linked list


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