Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Microsoft .Net Articles

C# The whole new way of programming…Oh no! Not another language! That is likely to be the initial reaction of most developers towards C#. But if they scratch the surface a bit then they would appreciate the treasures that it holds. Rather than extending the languages to meet today’s technological challenges C# has been built from ground up to meet these challenges with no overheads of backward compatibility. More Details....b style="color: rgb(51, 51, 255);">

The .Net - place where the future is… If you can take a peep into the future you would see .Net written all over it. .Net offers a whole new programming paradigm that will change the way you think about writing Windows based software. This article would help you to understand the nuts and bolts of this bold new technology. though not documented there are two nightmares known in the programming world. One is the development nightmare and another is the distribution nightmare. Let’s elaborate on this.More Details.....

WinForms - Win App development made simple…Developing Windows Applications using VC++ involves a steep learning curve. Developing them using VB promotes RAD, but takes you farther from today's Object Oriented programming world. What is needed is a tool that promotes RAD and supports OO. .Net's WinForms is the answer. Precisely what the programmer ordered…More Details....

* Net Topics

Introduction To Assemblies

Uses of assemblies

Multiple language Support

Testing .aspx Script from Console Prompt

ActiveX Directory Control

ActiveX Directory Control II

File List Control

Using Directory List And File List

Directory Copy Control

Adding Tooltip To An ActiveX Control

Arrays in C#

Events And Delegates

Internationalization / Localization

C# - DirectX 3-D Basics

ActiveX Data Objects



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