Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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COM - Component Object Modelobject is one of those words that essentially means whatever you want it to mean. There's object-oriented programming and objects as data structures within a program. But when we talk about objects in the context of OLE 2 or ActiveX, we are referring to a very specific type of object, sometimes called a componentobject or a windowobject. These objects follow a standard called componentobjectmodel (COM)More....

OLE- Object Linking And Embedding you don't need to understand all of OLE 2.0 to use it. This is because much of the complexity is hidden by Visual Basic (and by the Microsoft Foundation Classes, for those of you using Visual C++).More....

DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange The first step on the road to ActiveX was Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). This capability is still supported by some applications and by Visual Basic, but only for backward compatibility with older applications. More....


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